Sepia Saturday 161 – how bazaar!

This weeks Sepia Saturday post is inspired by a photo of a shop with its exterior festooned with all sorts of produce.   I don’t have any old pics of shops or markets, however I can share the following with you, from our Christmas trip to Istanbul in December 2005.  We’re a bit “bah humbug” about Christmas so we took off to a non-Christian country for a change – and what a change it was!  We saw the Blue Mosque under snow, visited the Topkapi Palace and had dessert in one of the famous Pudding Shops (that’s all they serve) and generally had a ball.  One of my favourite places was the Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar Shopping

You can buy virtually anything there – food, slippers, astrakhan hats, jewellery – you name it, they have it, and of course haggling is obligatory.  It was in an old beautifully-tiled building, albeit a bit beaten-up, and rather loud and garish but I loved it.

Grand Bazaar China Stall

Mr ImagesPast seems particularly delighted to pose in front of this fine display of plates, pots and vases 🙂

3 Grand Bazaar Lanterns

I particularly liked the stained glass lanterns which seemed to occupy every restaurant we went into – I wish that I had brought a few of the small ones back with me.  I don’t regret not buying one of these though…

Genie outfits

Belly dancing outfits!  You can also buy more run-of-the-mill items here, such as

5 Grand Bazaar Fruit and Veg Stall

Fruit and veg and

Tripe andTrotters

What on earth is this?  I thought it was a laundry at first, and that they also happened to sell logs (you can see a row of “logs” under the “laundry”).  Wrong – it’s the Tripe and Trotter stand.  When the penny dropped, Mr IP couldn’t get away fast enough, but I had to stay for the photo opportunity.  Bizarre indeed!  🙂

Trot off to see what my Saturday Sepian friends have made of this week’s theme!

Jo 🙂


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Scottish genealogist - this blog is for my own family history and photos
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39 Responses to Sepia Saturday 161 – how bazaar!

  1. We visited Istanbul years and years ago but your pictures have brought all the memories back. The Bazaar was wonderful, I do remember that so well! Not the tripe and trotters though.

  2. gluepot says:

    Never tried tripe and onions or trotters myself, although my Dad used to wax lyrical.

    • Jo says:

      Me neither, and not do I want to, but my brother cooks tripe regularly and loves the stuff…

      • gluepot says:

        Forgot to mention that Istanbul is definitely high on my list of places to visit.

        • Jo says:

          We went out of season and it was great – not too crowded and not too much sales hassle, but a lot of restaurants were closed. I’d recommend an off-peak visit if you are not bothered about living off kebabs for a week or two 🙂 They have a brilliant tram system for getting around and there’s lots to see.

  3. anyjazz says:

    A fine visit to another world! Most of us Okies, can’t even imagine this.

  4. Little Nell says:

    Tripe and onions, that’s a blast from the past. One if my Dad’s favourites apparently years ago. How nice to meet Mr Imagespast. Is he checking that his wallet’s still there? I haven’t been to Istanbul but these pics remind me of souks in Tunisia. All that haggling too. Are they a ‘tactile’ there?

    • Jo says:

      My Dad loved it too, but Mum refused to cook it, although my brother still cooks it regularly – yuk, even the smell is terrible. Mr IP checked his wallet regularly but the people were friendly, if a bit pushy sales-wise. Luckily it was very quiet tourist-wise when we were there so a lot of shops were closed, but it must be quite stressful in the summer!

  5. Barb says:

    Jo, I loved your photos, and viewing Istanbul at Christmas. Great colors and character. Thanks bunches.

    • Jo says:

      Thanks for your visit and comment, Barb – it was certainly very colourful. A fascinating place to visit and full of history and great architecture 🙂

  6. I love the bright colors, and a pudding only shop…yum!

    Thanks for coming by my blog as well!


    • Jo says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jan – I seem to remember that they only sold variations on rice pudding, which was fine by me!

  7. Alan BURNETT says:

    I am sure there used to be a tripe and trotter shop in Halifax – although perhaps I am making that up. Shops should always give us the unexpected should,t they – so many of the modern chain stores do.

  8. Wendy says:

    Eeww — I thought I was looking at rags. But I would have had a terrible time decided which and how many of those beautiful plates to buy.

    • Jo says:

      I thought it was fabric too, Wendy – yuk! I brought back one small bowl painted with the Whirling Dervishes 🙂

  9. Have never been there but the bazaar sure looks inviting. Your mention of the Pudding Shop reminded me of I think it was John Cleese who once said: “How do you start a pudding race?
    Say: Go!”

    • Jo says:

      It was really interesting, Peter – the blue mosque is absolutely enormous and we had regular coffees at the Four Seasons Hotel where Midnight Express was filmed. There’s lots to see. If you want a pudding race, I suppose it’s the best place to go 🙂

  10. Bob Scotney says:

    I haven’t seen or smelled tripe and onions for years. I was never brave enought to try any. These bazaars are always an interesting expeience especially the smells and the haggling,

  11. Sean says:

    Great idea for a xmas break! Now I want to go there…I’ve been to Athens, and it’s similarly exotic…fantastic markets.

  12. Sean says:

    Great collection! Here’s a dumb question – how does one search for particular tags in your 10,000 Flickr shots? Like…if I wanted to see only photos of Detroit?

    • Jo says:

      I don’t have any photos on Flickr, Sean, and I’ve never been to Detroit – I live in Scotland. The nearest I’ve been to Detroit was a visit to NY 🙂

  13. Those plates, pots and vases are beautiful. I could spend an hour or two in that shop. That’s a neat display of fruits and veggies.

    Visiting you from my blogger blog,

  14. ScotSue says:

    Love the light touch to your writing. These are such evocative photographs – the Turkish Tourist Office should turn to you for doing such a great job for them. I have never been there, but you painted a wonderful picture.

  15. Thank you for taking me on such a fun shopping trip!

  16. madaughter says:

    And I thought “Mr. Images Past” was the seller! Quite a spectacular place. So exotic!

    Topkapi? Wasn’t there a film with Peter Ustinov called that?

  17. Joan says:

    Love the vibrant colors — well, except for the tripe. I would have a tuff time getting away from the beautiful plates and vases without spending way more than intended. Also the blue of the mosque was incredible. Thanks for the tour.

  18. Hi Jo … wonderful pictures!

    Kathy M.

  19. tony zimnoch says:

    Great Photos Of One of my favourite cities.Thanks Jo.(p.s. Alan , the tripe and trotter shop in Halifax has moved to Tescos!)

  20. TICKLEBEAR says:

    Looks like you had a great time!!
    I would have a field day in there…

  21. Hi Jo, Just checking up on you! I hope all is well:)

  22. yship says:

    Happy Blogiversary!

    Regards, Grant

  23. I’m a good haggler. I think I remember this post. Or maybe it was an episode of The Amazing Race!

    • Jo says:

      How could you forget the tripe and trotters stand? 😀 Sorry I missed the Sepia Saturday 200th anniversary

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