Sepia Saturday 134 – want to share my pram?

The inspiration for today’s Sepia Saturday post comes from a photo of a lady in traditional costume posing with a baby in a vintage pram.

Here’s me in my “now vintage” pram – cool wheels in March 1965.  This is one of my favourite photos of my Mum 🙂

This pram is probably responsible for my interest in sports cars.  Note the piece of string hanging over the edge.  Teddy was tied to it for easy retrieval when I launched him over the side.  My pram even had a fancy canopy to keep the sun off – back in the days when you could wheel your baby outdoors and leave it.

Inevitably, you sometimes have to share your wheels –

but I seem quite happy sharing the pram with my little brother.  Here we are again looking a bit bigger, with our granddad, Douglas, and Teddy.  I still have Teddy although he is now a bit bald, cross-eyed and mis-shapen 🙂

Now, burn some rubber and go and see what everyone else has been inspired to write.

Jo 🙂

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Scottish genealogist - this blog is for my own family history and photos
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19 Responses to Sepia Saturday 134 – want to share my pram?

  1. Wendy says:

    Wow — that looks like the Cadillac of prams.

  2. dakotaboo says:

    Smart set of wheels 🙂

  3. CR says:

    That is adorable.

  4. smkelly8 says:

    Beautiful photos. I like the variety.

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  6. postcardy says:

    That pram looks like it is shaped a lot like the even older ones.

  7. Brett Payne says:

    A very sporty looking pram, indeed

  8. Queen Bee says:

    Imagine you were the most envied baby in the neighborhood with your cool set of wheels. 🙂

  9. Sharon says:

    What a fantastic pram that is! I love that first photo too. There is so much love, pride and joy on your mothers face. What a beautiful child you are too 🙂

  10. Little Nell says:

    It’s a lovely pram, but a beautiful natural happy picture. I can see why it’s a favourite.

  11. Bob Scotney says:

    You have reminded me that our children must have spent hours left outdoors in their pram. That first photo is beautiful – not just the pram. My daughter still has her Teddy which has been round the world with her after being kidnapped by the sixth form boys at her school in the 1980s.

  12. Titania says:

    All the photos are really delightful. The first one with you and your happy looking Mum is very precious. the pram looks so comfortable and as it was so bit easily shared. Wonderful to see your nice “pram” memories.

  13. Joy says:

    The first photo is lovely, your eyes are so bright and alert possibly thinking how you could get your wheels to move.

  14. sheilaspostcards says:

    It looks an exceptionally sleek pram. I wish they were still used these days but I very rarely see them. I know they aren’t so practical for modern life.

  15. Alan Burnett says:

    What a wonderful collection of images – I especially like the idea of a retrievable teddy.

  16. Arlee Bird says:

    Those old style prams were so wonderful. You never see this style anymore. The photos are classic.

    Wrote By Rote

  17. hillbilly321 says:

    I don’t know why the old fashioned pram has been abandoned. Our third child spent every hour of her first 6 months in hers, parked in the hallway day and night. And we had a seat on the top of it for the next child up. Those were the days. These are great pictures.

  18. Such wonderful photos! Those are pretty spiffy wheels. I think you’re right, there is a direct correlation between that stroller and a love for sports cars!

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