Sepia Saturday 116 – Facial Hair – no, not mine

The theme for this week’s Sepia Saturday post is Facial Hair.  I’m not a big fan of the old Face Fungus – a bit of designer stubble is OK, but a man sporting the full “burst mattress” look  is likely to see me heading for the hills.  At speed.

I couldn’t find any photos of beards in Great Granny’s collection, however there were a couple of moustaches.  First of all, I present Great Granny and her husband (James Stewart) who has quite a full “mouser”.

And to follow, we have their son, also James Stewart.

James was my see-sawing Granny‘s brother  – I had no idea that she had two brothers, I had only ever heard talk of one.  My auntie was helping me identify relatives in old photos, and I came to this picture of a handsome young airman and asked “do you know who this is?” and she replied “that’s my uncle who was killed in World War II”.   I did a bit of further research and was able to find out where and when he died – he and his crew were in a Wellington bomber heading for Wilmhelmshaven when their plane was lost without trace.  I’m so pleased that I found him in the photo collection and can give him his rightful place in our family tree.

Here’s an interesting item I came across

It’s a Moustache Cup – designed to prevent one’s ‘tache dangling in one’s tea and the subsequent drips and embarrassment in front of visitors 🙂

My Grandfather on my maternal side told us all sorts of dubious stories when we were kids.  This post reminds me of one tale, which said that if you were having difficulty growing a luxuriant beard, you should rub salt on your chin.  When the hair sprouts out looking for a drink, you should tie a knot in it so it can’t retreat.  Hmm….

Check out what other Sepia Saturday posters have to say on the theme of facial hair!


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16 Responses to Sepia Saturday 116 – Facial Hair – no, not mine

  1. kristin says:

    I have seen several mustaches this week that could have used a cup like that one.

  2. Hugo Banter says:

    “…… the full “burst mattress” ha ha Brilliant!
    Another corker Jo, thank you


  3. A Moustache Cup :-). Sorry to hear your great unce was shot down, war is awful.

    • Jo says:

      Isn’t the moustache cup a great invention? Sad to think I would never have known of James if I hadn’t had his photo and asked Auntie about it. He nearly missed out on being included in my family tree. Thankfully, he is also commemorated on the Blairgowrie War Memorial. War is awful, I agree, Rob

  4. So glad you asked about that photo and that you had someone to ask! He was very handsome! It is only right that he be in the family tree! Here in Minnesota many men wear beards and upper lip warmers:)

  5. Wendy says:

    So salt helps grow a beard, eh. Funny. Wonderful story about finding your second grand uncle. I’m glad you were able to include him in this post.

  6. postcardy says:

    Your grandfather’s tale is very funny. The salt doesn’t sound too far-fetched, but the idea of The hair looking for a drink and being tied in a knot is absurd.

  7. Bob Scotney says:

    That’s the first moustache cup I’ve seen. It seems to me that you should always take old stories with a pinch of salt.

  8. Little Nell says:

    How lovely that you discovered your great uncle and can give him his place on the family tree. The moustache cup just goes to show how ridiculous some of those whiskers were!

  9. Linda says:

    A “mouser” I like that term. His looks well-groomed and quite attractive. I’d heard about mustache cups, makes a lot of sense to me.

  10. TICKLEBEAR says:

    I love this cup!! I want one!!
    Would come in handy when enjoying a cafe au lait at the coffee shop…
    just so the foam wouldn’t run down on my goatee.

  11. Titania says:

    This is the ultimate, a mustache cup; wondering if they are still used by gentlemen sporting one of those mousers. Interesting stories, a very nice, looking couple and the sad life of a young man who had to follow the call, I lost two uncles on the other side who had to shoulder a rifle at a young age if they wanted it or not both perished.

  12. Karen Rhodes says:

    I’m not that averse to the “full burst mattress,” which is a good thing, since my husband has one! It’s compensation. The hair has left the top of his head, so now he grows it on his face! Great blog entry, wonderful photos. I am so glad you found that photo and were able to find out about your great-uncle, and glad also that he is commemorated on the memorial.

  13. Joy says:

    Glad you identified the photo, and now he will be known, he has quite a refined moustache for the air-force, where curly ones at the time seem to be de regueur. Very elegant photo of your great granny. There was someone with a collection of moustache cups on the TV recently, he had no longer had his extravagant moustache, I could guess his wife had probably won her battle over the long years to remove it.

  14. Discovering a missing name, and especially a family relation in an old photo is a real treasure and makes this a special post .

  15. zimnoch says:

    A Moustache Cup.Splendid ! I can think of several of my great-Aunts who could have used one………

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