Fun with search terms

Inspired by Amy Coffin at We Tree I had a look at the search terms people have used to reach my blog.  I feel some of them may have been sadly disappointed.  I hope you are not so disappointed.

sewing box – that’ll be because of my Sewing Box Pyschology post about how two ladies can buy the same sewing box at the same time, but one (grandmother) trashes hers in a few years, while the other one (her sister’s) remains pristine 50 years on.  I have them both and can tell at ten paces which one belonged to Elsie.

granny album – yes, Great Granny kept an album of all Granny’s antics, and I am lucky enough to be in possession of it.  It is causing hilarity at ImagesPast Cottage and I have tagged the posts if you wish to see what she got up to (look for Great Granny’s Album in the tag cloud).

glamorous granny – ah, this is no doubt connected to the above.  Nuff said.

stonehaven fireballs association – we have very “wide and varied” traditions here, this is just one of them.  I can still smell the singeing leg hair and kilts.

car maintenance for girls – well, you probably know by now that I am quite keen on British sports cars, if not the maintenance aspect, but I’m not sure if it’s my post about cars built by women for women, or my racing pram post that people are landing on.  Either is good 🙂

grandpa granddaughter – this one’s a bit iffy, seriously iffy, in fact.  I removed some words (cheating, I know, but it was rather unsavoury) however, what they disappointingly landed on was no doubt the beautiful little Rose and her Grandpa, my Grandpa’s brother.  Fabulous photo 🙂

oropesa ship – ah yes, some members of the family took a cruise on the RMS Oropesa in the 1920’s and I have a couple of pics.  I suspect this was post-gin o’clock.  Or perhaps that was normal behaviour back then?

royal infirmary edinburgh – I’m sorry if you wasted your time Googling for the hospital during an emergency only to find my Mum’s nursing badges instead.  I hope you survived OK.

sepia + busty – hmm, this is due to a rather inflammatory headline that I gave a post about Granny (she of the album) hoping make the post enticing.   I called it “#Sepia Saturday 99 – Glamorous Granny (no, not busty blonde mother of 6)” but I fear that Googlers may have, yet again, been disappointed with the actual content.

Please do leave me a comment to let me know how amused/disappointed you were.

Jo 🙂

About Jo Graham

Scottish genealogist - this blog is for my own family history and photos
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2 Responses to Fun with search terms

  1. Judy Webster says:

    I especially liked your comment re ‘royal infirmary’. I enjoy reading Amy Coffin’s ‘fun with search terms’ posts, and now I can look forward to yours too. Thanks for the laughs!

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