Pipers and the Internet

This time last year, when Images Past was in it’s infancy and I was still fiddling about wondering how to shape the blog, I posted this photo of a mystery piper and appealed for help in identifying him (or not!) as John Hume who was born in Haddington in 1854 to William Hume and Margaret Veitch.  John is an American client’s ancestor, and the client was happy for me to post the photo, just in case it led somewhere.

photo of James Hume or John Hume who possibly piped for Queen Victoria

Nothing much came of it, but I knew as long as the photo was “out there”, there was always a chance someone would find their way to it.

This morning I had a phone conversation with a very excited lady called Heather who is also a descendant of William and Margaret.  When her aunt (the family historian) died she inherited furniture, table cloths, photos and original 19th Century documents, and had spent some time over the holidays going through the papers.  Heather originally thought she was the last surviving member of her family, but has discovered living relatives using the records she inherited.  A quick Google of some family names led her here, and I am terribly excited about putting her in touch with her relatives in the US.

What fun for New Year’s Day – oh, the joy of the internet!  🙂


PS:  Check out the Duelling Pipers – it’s funny

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9 Responses to Pipers and the Internet

  1. reflectionsfromthefence says:

    Happy New Year, that is a fabulous beginning for 2012.

  2. Susan says:

    What a great find, Jo. Good luck with similar appeals.

  3. What a great way to start the new year. I also have Hume’s in my family, although I don’t think it is the same family. I’m amazed at how many Hume’s there are in Scotland (especially with the first name Hugh!)

  4. Wonderful! The Internet continues to amaze me. Happy New Year:)

  5. This was exciting to see! I have recently added the sub-genre of pipers to my collection of antique photos of musicians and I have a very similar mustached piper with similar background on a vintage postcard, but alas the plaid is different. Have you found this website?
    Pipers of Past Years
    More pipers than anyone would want to hear in one place! Perhaps yours is there too.
    Best wishes for 2012

  6. Chris Overstreet says:

    Remarkable story, and it’s clear from the photo that piping is quite a commitment.

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