The “Where I’m From” Poem (for SNGF) Compendium

I realise I’m a week late with this, but it’s too late, I’ve written my poem, so I’m handing it in anyway.  Better late than never 🙂

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings  issued a challenge to write a poem based on the template at  I’ve taken some “artistic licence” from the template, but here it is

I am from the Scottish soil, land worked by generations
I am from the dark, damp mines, as with many of our nations
I am from the wheat and oats and barley which gave food
I am from the Grahams and Porters, Stewarts and Brysons too
The Stevens, Hardies, Dicksons all contribute to my genes
The Liddels and, the Burnetts (although via unsourced means)
I am from the seedsmen, farmers, farriers and more - 
Mitchell, Vallance, Bruce and Knox - and others of old lore
From spinster Auntie Margaret, buried not too far from Perth
Who looked after two wee nephews upon their parents deaths
To the blacksmith from Scoonie (in the Kingdom of Fife)
Who changed their name to Porter, to save his family's life
The Camerons, the Galloways, the Thomsons and the Weirs
It's only thanks to all of them that I am even here.

I will try to be on time in future 😉



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