The Alfresco Bath – Sepia Saturday

Spot the tin bath in this photo from Great Granny’s album – and I now know where and when this was taken!  I’ve still to work out who’s who…

Montrose Camp 1928There seems to be a bit of tomfoolery going on – and if you look closely there’s a tin bath and a wash stand set up to the right.  I can’t read the sign outside the tent though.  Then I found this postcard

51st Highland Divisional Train R A S C (T) Montrose Camp 14th/28th July 1928

And on the rear, someone has kindly written

51st Highland Divisional Train R A S C (T) Montrose Camp 14th/28th July 1928.  Major Hunter.  Douglas Unionist Secretary“Officers & Men 51st Highland Divisional Train R A S C (T) Montrose Camp 14th/28th July 1928.  Major Hunter.  Douglas Unionist Secretary”

The uniform seems to be a flexible mix of army & civvies for most!  Hop over to Sepia Saturday to read other Sepia Posts!


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12 Responses to The Alfresco Bath – Sepia Saturday

  1. Interesting photo..tin bath..right out there amongst the tents:)

  2. Christine says:

    They do look as if they’re having a good time. I especially enjoyed these photos, because I am getting ready to post an Army Service Corps (embroidered silk) postcard, and I’d done a bit of reading up on them. Your photos really bring it to life.

  3. Alan Burnett says:

    How interesting. Will the “Unionist Secretary” be something to do with the Unionist movement (of Northern Ireland) I wonder? Great photograph. That shape of bath seems to be coming back into fashion.

  4. Bob Scotney says:

    A bit breezy if you had to take a bath out there.

  5. Pat says:

    well they seem to be having a good time no matter what./ That grand writing back from then on the back of the card, nothing like that today!

  6. Titania says:

    So much fun, going through old photos and wondering who is who and why a washstand and tin bath in the meadow.

  7. Muse Swings says:

    I like the “flexible mix” of clothing. The do seem to be enjoying themselves. Almost like being back up in the old tree house. I think the sign probably says “No Girlz Alowed’

  8. Jennifer says:

    The clothing is definitely an interesting mix! I would not want to be the one taking a bath out there. Hopefully they at least heated the water up. 🙂

  9. TICKLEBEAR says:

    well, a bath like that is sure to wake you up in the morning, under the cool breeze… this was not meant for creatures of comfort. but i like that you could find clues by bringing a photograph and a postcard together.

  10. Karen Sather says:

    Oh these are great photos, and it always amazes me about the tents back in the day…they seemed so sturdy and stronger than some of ours today!

  11. Nancy says:

    Brrrr. It looks like summer there but it’s winter here and the idea of bathing al fresco is a bit alarming! Great photo, though. I think the tents look like American Indian teepees so when I first saw them, I wondered when and where the photo was taken. Whoever wrote on the back solved that mystery for me. Great post!

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