Ancestor Egg – (not so) Wordless Wednesday

Like Randy Seaver, I’m incapable of doing a Wordless post so I have shamelessly copied his (not so) title, however, I offer you this from Great Granny’s album:

the egg?

the egg?

I think the lady on the left is Bell Auchmuty and the lady on the right is her sister, Mary, who married David Hardie, my great grandmother’s brother.

And I have NO IDEA if it is an egg (chocolate or otherwise) that she is holding, or a conker, or something entirely different.  Suggestions on a postcard comment please, to “Images Past”.  And, no I didn’t have much success with my conkers, soaked in vinegar or not!

I’m now reckoning that it’s a plum that she is holding – David farmed in Perthshire, where soft fruits grow well, so I think it’s a prize specimen!


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7 Responses to Ancestor Egg – (not so) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Carol says:

    Can’t help, but, it sure was windy! LOL Those dresses look like something from the roaring 20’s to me, but, I am NO fashion expert.

    Have you ever seen this site?

  2. Barbara says:

    Jo, Interesting Flappy dress and egg. I wonder if it isn’t a piece of fruit, like a lime. I suppose if you enlarge it, you might be able to tell.

    • Jo says:

      I think you might be onto something here, Barbara – it could be a plum, which grows well in Scotland. Enlarging the pic doesn’t help much with ID’ing the object of pride, but perhaps it was the first fruit from a nurtured plant.

  3. Adrian says:

    What a kind face the lady on the right has.
    I am with the other comments…. the dresses look 20’s to me but at their age they are not likely to be wearing something that THEY would consider daring. Fancy dress maybe?
    Not sure the flapper dress and wooly cardy go too well together 😉

  4. Oh it was windy..what a cute photo..I bet it was a conker..and it looks like she won! Old Ladies sometimes do not follow fashions.. the skirts look 1920 ish. I wonder what those stiff pleats are called on the left lady.. The blouses do not exactly “go” with the skirts..the beads look 1950 ish to me:)

  5. tony zimnoch says:

    Is It Too Big To Be A Conker? Whatever it is,She seems very pleased with her find!
    A lovely warm photo,and very good quality.

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