Family hedge not family tree?

Another couple of pics from Granny’s photo album – nothing noted on the rear but the photos around them in the album are dated 1928.  Notice how The Guy with the Hat’s legs are buckling under the strain.  The cheeky madam pulling his ears is my Grandmother!

Granny in the middle – she looks like Trouble.  I love the girls’ hats.  Some of these faces are now becoming very familiar, and I only need ONE pic putting a name to a face and I can start the identification process 🙂

Why not head over to Sepia Saturday and check out everyone else’s photos!


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Scottish genealogist - this blog is for my own family history and photos
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13 Responses to Family hedge not family tree?

  1. Susan says:

    Waht a great fun photograph to have, Susan.

  2. Bob Scotney says:

    They obviously have a sense of humour.

  3. Amanda says:

    Great snaps! I wish I had fun pictures like that.

  4. PattyF says:

    Wonderful photos ~~ such treasures! I love fun images like these. They really showcase the participants’ senses of humor and make them seem like “real people” and not just two-dimensional faces on a piece of glossy paper. Makes me wish I’d known them!

  5. Ana says:

    Loved this picture. I think I will start taking fun pics with family/friends 🙂

  6. Alan Burnett says:

    Another couple of fine photographs : and photographs that are so infused with life which, for the time, seems to be rare. Such a pleasant change from all the stiff and formal poses. It is almost a shock to realise that people of that generation lived and loved and laughed almost the same as we do.

  7. Oh these are great photos and show real personality..what fun they were really shows. Your Grandmother was quite beautiful!! I hope you find one name! 🙂

  8. Nancy says:

    I’m thinking about participating in Creative Gene’s “iGenie Awards” for the Carnival of Genealogy. One of the topics is “Best Screen Play.” I was thinking this morning how few (maybe one) photographs I have of my family at play.
    So these photographs are fun and fabulous. They brought a chuckle. I hope you find the one photo with a name that will help you continue.

  9. Lisa says:

    Oh my goodness, I want to hang out with this gang. What a fun photo! You know for a fact, don’t you, that you have a happiness gene. 🙂

  10. Larry says:

    I have just begun to preview your blog. It is really fun and interesting to see all you have shared. I will be back to see more. I loved the elephant and the cars too. Cute family photo.

  11. Marilyn says:

    What gorgeous photos, they really show your grandmother’s personality. They are such fun photos, just wonderful.

  12. Pat says:

    tee hee, a family hedge! Great fun and they look like they were enjoying themselves too!

  13. TICKLEBEAR says:

    the guy in the hat is bending his knees so he won’t hide your grandma. great pics!!

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