Wordless Wednesday – Dougal and the Baby Elephant

Dougal and the Baby Elephant Ceylon St Edmund Aug 1928

Following on from my 1920’s groovy cruisers post from Granny’s photo album of 1928-1930, I offer you this.  I have no idea who Dougal may be, or why he might have been in Ceylon in August 1928 – tea trade maybe?  Perhaps someone from Internetland will find my blog and claim him.  Here’s the back of the photo

"Dougal and the Baby" - elephant! rear of photoGranny would have been 19 in 1928 and living in rural Perthshire, Scotland, so I wonder how she met these well-travelled adventurors?  They don’t seem to be relatives, but were important enough to be placed in the album.  Any ideas?

Wordless Wednesday – a great way to share your old family photos! Create a post with the main focus being a photograph or image. Some posters also include attribute information as to the source of the image (date, location, owner, etc.). Wordless Wednesday is one of the longest running “memes” in the blogosphere and is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers.

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5 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Dougal and the Baby Elephant

  1. Barbara says:

    Jo, you do have interesting photos for Wednesday. Your grandmother, perhaps, had lots of boyfriends, she was of that age.
    Thanks for posting this, because it reminded me to get the book, “Water for Elephants.” Now, I wonder what is on tap for next Wednesday.

  2. Hi Jo. Is the handwriting all in your Granny hand? If so..maybe they were friends..if she was at all outgoing I would imagine at 19 she would have lots of friends:)

    • Jo says:

      Yes, it’s all in Granny’s hand – she grew up in a household full of girls and was sent to live with her Aunt’s family (at about aged 18) who had a house full of boys. The aunt was Mary Auchmuty who married David Hardie. Granny was a “companion” to her Aunt but was always close to her cousins (Francis, Ian and Leslie Hardie), who I suspect feature in these photos, but there are no notes on the back of photos as yet. Fingers crossed I uncover a clue 🙂

  3. Adrian says:

    Love this photo too. If only it could speak and tell the story 🙂

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