A Festival of Postcards (9th Ed) – Locomotion

This edition of A Festival of Postcards is dedicated to LOCOMOTION – hosted by Evelyn at Canadian Family.

My father was a farmer here in Scotland, but Mum’s brother lived in Canada.  My parents visited every couple of years, and knowing that my Dad was interested in vintage tractors and suchlike, my Uncle introduced him to some “new friends”.  This resulted in various holidays that my parents took being hi-jacked by Vintage Rallies, visits to museums and lots of “traction engine talk”.  My mother tolerated this.  Just about.  Here are the postcards which Dad bought and pinned to his office walls.

pictures of old tractorsI know nothing about these tractors, apart from what is on the rear of the photos:

1  1909 Pioneer 30-60 HP Tractor & 1910 Huber 20-60 HP Steamer

2  1910 Holt 65 HP tractor

3  40-80 Minneapolis made by Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co in 1916 & 30-60 Sawyer-Massey gas tractor

more pictures of old tractors4  A Saskatchewan threshing scene using equipment from the Western Development Museum.  This 25-75 J I Case steam engine is operating a large wooden 38-62 Buffalo Pitts threshing machine.  Both were originally purchased new in 1911.

5  1920 Canadian 14-28 HP tractor

6  25 HP Traction Engine build by Robert Bell Engine and Thresher Co, Seaforth, Ontario in 1923

more old tractor photos7  Manitoba Agricultural Museum – this English gas giant was manufactured at Gainsborough and shipped to the prairies January 1914

8  1912 Hupmobile Touring & 1902 Avery 16 HP Steamer

9  no further info on rear of postcard

more old tractors and Allan Byers, Dad's friend and fellow enthusiast10  1897 steam calliope pulled by six belgian horses, owned and operated by Minnie Thomson Memorial, first agricultural museum in Ontario.

11  The man who my mum (affectionately) held responsible for a)  Dad finally enjoying holidays abroad and b) Dad buying a Rumely tractor in Canada and having it shipped back to Scotland so that he could restore it to working order in his workshop and take it to Agricultural Shows.  The man on the right is Allan Byers, and this photo is of him receiving the Rodgers Trophy for Outstanding Contributions to the Club.  I think the man on the left is Dennis who was married to Marge, but I’m not sure – the photo was taken in 1979 at “Steam Era”.

Thanks to Allan, Dennis and all the Club members who made my Dad’s holidays in Canada fun – he didn’t cope with the heat well, and found it difficult being away from the farm overnight, never mind for a fortnight.  He loved these postcards and I’m pleased to still have them, although I know nothing of the technicalities.  My favourite in his collection was a 3 wheeled John Deere tractor, which featured in my Wedding photos – I didn’t realise that my sister would have to spend weeks tinkering with gasket paper and engine parts to get it running for the event.  Sorry Nic! 🙂


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  3. Just over from Sepia Saturday and wanted to say “I’ve read this post and it’s not at all dull ” Now I’m going to finish reading your latest post. Barbara.

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