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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Signs You Have GOCD

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has another Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Challenge.  He says… Hey genea-addicts, it’s Saturday Night – time for more Genealogy Fun! Your mission, should you decide to accept it (and I hope that all of you do!), is to: 1)  … Continue reading

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The “Where I’m From” Poem (for SNGF) Compendium

I realise I’m a week late with this, but it’s too late, I’ve written my poem, so I’m handing it in anyway.  Better late than never :-) Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings  issued a challenge to write a poem based on … Continue reading

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Coin or masonic or what? Sepia Saturday

I’m afraid I found no inspiration in my boxes of photos for this week’s meme, so have gone totally random (you’ll not be surprised to hear that one again – me? random? OK, yes). My Dad was an avid coin … Continue reading

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And then I remembered it is Father’s Day – Sentimental Sunday

I’ve been on a domestic Decluttering Mission for several months now, and have been going  through cupboards and drawers sorting out what needs to be binned/recycled/moved onto another household who will need or use it.  The theory is that you … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Wordle

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has been having fun with Wordle creating his own word cloud – and here’s mine You can choose colours, shapes, how many words to include and even download from your blog content.  I think it’s rather pretty.  I … Continue reading

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Fishwives Race for the Shawl – Sepia Saturday

I was down at the East Lothian Local History Centre last week looking for photos of a Musselburgh fish restaurant which was run by a client’s relatives in the early 1900’s.  I had to look through 12 archival storage boxes, … Continue reading

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One Lovely Blog Award so I’m not just talking to myself!

I’m tickled pink to have received the One Lovely Blog Award from Lisa Ellam at Faces of my Family and Amanda Epperson at the Scottish Emigration Blog and I’m rather shame-faced that it has taken me a while to get round … Continue reading

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Up a Tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G? – Sepia Saturday

I picked a random photo from Great Granny’s album for this Saturday.  It is dated around 1928, and again, we have Granny messing about with her pals, the Hardie boys. Granny graduated from the “Edinburgh School of Cookery and Domestic … Continue reading

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Greyfriars Bobby – Sentimental Sunday

Greyfriars Bobby isn’t related to me – he was a little Skye Terrier whose name makes Edinburgh folk very sentimental, and is known all over the world for his loyalty to his master, John Gray.  When John died and was … Continue reading

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1911 Scottish Census Cake anyone? Wordless Wednesday

The 1911 Scottish Census data was released yesterday and there was a party atmosphere in the search rooms at Register House in Edinburgh.  I took a few photos (check out the cake!) and posted them on my other blog, Scottish … Continue reading

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